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The Futuristic Audio Technology That 101,354+ People Have Already Used To Reset, Rewire & Recode Their Brain And Activate Their “SuperMind” To Help Them Magnetically Attract The Wealth, Good Health & Happiness They Desire…In as Little As 5 Minutes A Day

With A SIMPLE To Use Revolutionary NEW MP3 Audio Technology That Quickly And Effortlessly Creates A State Of Peak Performance Literally On Demand

Hi it’s Paul

Have you ever had a day when you were just “on”? You know — in the “flow”. Where life just seemed to happen! You got more work done in one day than you usually do in 3. You were super creative and highly focused and new ideas manifested themselves almost out of thin air.

Your conversation with others flowed freely. You spoke your mind without hesitation and you commanded attention naturally. You were stress free, confident, optimistic and were incredibly certain the decisions you made were the right ones.

You were more passionate and connected with your loved ones and they absolutely treasured it. Even SEX was incredible!

On those days, you just seem to have an edge, your energy is super high, everything seems effortless and you are In ‘The Zone’ Possibilities are Limitless.

But heres the thing on most days you find yourself… well… Not Fantastic, In Fact You Just Feel… Normal.

You can’t seem to figure out why you keep falling back into old habits and ways of thinking and behaving… struggling to stay motivated maintain focus and not quite reaching your goals…

But what if there was a way to get in the “Success Zone” on command… and Master Your Minds ability to control the outcomes in your life… with literally no effort on your part…

What If There Was A Way To Optimize Your Brains Ability To Attract Positive Results And Induce Permanent Change In Your Life?

So You Could…

Release the mental blockages that hold you back Think with laser-like focus Easily accomplish any goal, personal or professional Have an abundance of self-esteem and confidence Be more creative, intuitive and imaginative Enjoy greater optimism, confidence, happiness and passion Double or triple your income or grow your business Release self-doubts, anxiety, depression, and procrastination Design your life with incredible certainty Maximize your time and energy so you are highly productive Be More aligned in all areas of your life

All just by listening to a powerful audio technology everyday…

Would that be something that would benefit your life?

Let Me Tell You A Little About Me

I'm a world renowned personal development teacher, serial entrepreneur, and brain entrainment expert. I have had both of those kinds of days. The greatest of highs and the lowest of lows.


Here’s a little background about me. I went to college on a basketball scholarship; I was the tour manager for Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Blood Sweat and Tears at the height of their popularity.

I have been all over the world. Rubbed shoulders with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Ozzie Osborne and many more Rock n Roll stars.

One thing about me…I am not afraid to take a risk…

That’s how I got into the jingle business and became one of the top composers of advertising music in the country. Teaching myself how to play the piano and overcoming my fear of singing…If I wanted it I went out and did it.

Is Your Mind Supporting Or Sabotaging Your Desires & Dreams?

Here’s How To Find Out:

Do You DESIRE To Be More Financially Abundant…

But you keep finding excuses to not ask your boss for a raise… or to not pursue that dream job or business idea you’ve been thinking about… and instead, you find yourself constantly buying things you don’t need and spending more money than you make?

Do You DESIRE To Be Fit, Lean And Sexy…

But you just can’t seem to summon up the motivation to eat right and exercise… and instead, you find yourself spending hours in front of the television, falling victim to unhealthy food cravings that you later feel super guilty about?

Do You DESIRE To Find Your Perfect Soul Mate…

That one person who will understand you like no other… but you find that you’re too afraid to get out there and meet new people… strike up a conversation with the person you’re attracted to… or that you just keep attracting the same kind of unsuitable person over and over again?

Do You DESIRE To Take Your Current Relationship To New Heights Of Intimacy And Passion…

But despite your best efforts, you find that you keep repeating the same old patterns with your partner that leave you feeling misunderstood, disconnected and unfulfilled… and without the deep intimacy you truly crave?

I’m talking about living the kind of life where nothing seems to work or go your way. Where you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed… and like you’re SURVIVING instead of THRIVING.

Now instead of this life, imagine a different life that looks just like you’d always fantasized that it would.

Where you…

MAGNETICALLY Attract Wealth And Success… CULTIVATE Win/Win Relationships… Experience UNLIMITED Mental Energy & INCREDIBLE Health And Well Being… And Create INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED SUPERDAYS Literally On Demand

Imagine if you had access to a simple and easy-to-use futuristic audio technology scientifically engineered to instantly increase the way your brain creates NEW neural pathways that hyper accelerate your success and well being in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Where you have a fulfilling and abundant career or business, money flowing to you in surprising and miraculous ways, a loving relationship, great friends and the ideal body that makes you feel alive and confident…

Where every day, without any conscious effort on your part, you automatically:

Get more work done in one day than you usually do in 3 Effortlessly attract wealth and abundance Feel motivated to exercise, allowing you to get into the best shape of your life Feel super creative and laser focused on whatever it is that you put your mind to Have more passion and connection with the people you care about And even sex is off the charts!

On days like this, it would be as if you had almost SUPERHUMAN abilities that gave you the ultimate edge on anything and everything you did… nothing held you back!

On those days, it’s as if you had SUPERHUMAN abilities… a “SuperMind” mindset… giving you an edge in all that you did… so that nothing and no one could hold you back!



Where problems don’t scare you, challenges inspire you… And you instinctively know that you have the ability to breakthrough any barriers that may be holding you back from reaching your ultimate success.

What’s Standing In The Way Of Where You Are Now And THAT Reality?

If What You Want Doesn’t Match Up With What You Have In Your Life, The Problem Most Likely Lies In Your “Power Center”

Hi, my name is Paul Hoffman,

and I’m the founder of the Success Creation INstitute, a unique peak performance community dedicated to helping people around the world create the quality of life that they truly deserve.

You may know me as the creator of OmHarmonics (my meditation program), DaySculpting (the powerful 90-day success creation program) or one of my many mindset coaching programs…

And if you’d like to finally achieve the wealth, good health and happiness you know you truly deserve, there’s something very important that you should know.

The fact is, you basically have two minds.

First, there’s your conscious mind, which is the part of your mind that thinks, reasons, calculates and plans. Then, there’s your subconscious mind, where all of your most deeply-held beliefs about who you are and what you think you deserve are stored, usually from childhood.

And because your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind, it’s the REAL power center behind all of the results you see (or don’t see) in your life

If Your Subconscious Mind Is NOT Aligned With What You Consciously Want, You WILL Self-Sabotage Your Success

Let’s say that you’d really like to be making $10,000 per month or more, for example.

You have this conscious desire, and you even start taking action on making this happen for yourself…

But on a subconscious level, if you harbor programming that “money is scarce” or that “the desire for money is evil”…

Programming you may have absorbed during childhood when your subconscious mind is the most impressionable… Then your subconscious mind will cause you to self-sabotage any opportunities to create the wealth, abundance and prosperity you desire.

It’ll usually do this in ways that you don’t even consciously realize… like lack of motivation, procrastination or negative inner dialogue where you tell yourself that you “just can’t do it”… all of which prevent you from taking action on your goals and dreams.

I Know First Hand How A Sabotaging Mindset Can Cause You To Lose Your Way… MINE NEARLY COST ME MY LIFE

I’ve lived kind of a crazy life.

I went to college on a full basketball scholarship.

After college, I became the tour manager for some of the world’s most famous rock bands including Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Edgar Winter and Blood Sweat and Tears.

My career in music allowed me to rub shoulders with rock n’ roll royalty – The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ozzie Osborne, Rod Stewart and many others.

Later, I became one of the most successful jingle writers in the country, writing music for top Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Coca Cola, AT&T, McDonalds, Burger King, Sprint, Pepsi and others. (And by the way, I’m completely self-taught!)

I wrote a very famous advertising jingle that you may have heard of… Have You Driven A Ford… Lately?

I was profiled in the major news media and my work was responsible for selling millions of dollars worth of products and services… and the music I wrote was sung by famous recording artists like Tony Bennett, BB King, Isaac Hayes, The Four Tops, Michael McDonald and Kim Carnes.

I don’t share this with you to brag, only to illustrate that I know what it feels like to accomplish big goals and to be in the zone and “flow” of success.

I’ve been blessed to experience those magical moments where whatever it was that I was seeking seemed to be attracted to me… it was surreal and real at the time.

But the fact is all of my success went to my head. I thought I was invincible…

And then my world came crashing down.

I Lost My Purpose… My Focus… My Vision… And I Didn’t Know Who I Was Anymore!

At the height of my success, what everyone saw on the outside… this amazing life I was living… it was nothing more than a facade.

Even though I had everything that most people think that they want, I was miserable.

My relationships were in shambles… my business was disintegrating… I was spiritually bankrupt…

and, because I was in the throes of addiction, my health was deteriorating and FAST.

You see, regardless of all of the good things I had going for me that I knew that I consciously wanted… my subconscious mind was poisoned with negative programming telling me that I didn’t deserve any of the success I’d created for myself.

This lack of NEURAL HARMONY began causing me to sabotage everything that was good in my life…

And because of this, just as quickly as I had created success, it was beginning to fall apart around me.

Frankly I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it and there were some days that I wasn’t sure I had it in me to keep trying. I used every ounce of my energy to just survive.