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Sculptations - Level 1

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"This is no joke, this stuff is awesome! I use brain Re Training all the time, but these tracks are definitely different from everything else I've tried. They've got some sort of extra punch to it. One word: MIND BLOWING!"


"About 8 minutes in, my brain started to tingle. It's the only word I can use to describe the feeling. The repetition and music must somehow release serotonin or something in the brain. Amazing! It takes the Buddhist principal of chanting and focusing on what you want to attract into your life a step further. Thank you for sharing this with me."

Sylus Wolfe

"Exquisite! I haven't been able to reach very deeply and strongly into my Alpha state before now... but my Sculptations guide me smoothly and gently much deeper into my Alpha state than I expected... it relaxes my mind perfectly in the perfect way and releases my mental blockages smoothly in such a way that they don't even feel like blockages any more, it just washes them away. Keep up the wonderful work, my friend."

Lorrie Morgan

"This morning / started with the Money Map Wealth Sculptation, which is phenomenal. Then I listened to the Great Morning Great Day Sculptation and I was blown away. This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so very much, Paul. I look forward to using these regularly and passing my experience with them onto others. Have a blessed day, my friend!"


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